ADA Meetings Forward Look – 2019

ADA Meetings Forward Look –  2019

The following is a list of key meetings and events ADA staff and representatives will be attending in the rest of the first quarter of 2019.


February 2019


22nd – ADA/EA regular catch-up teleconference call – C Wright & I Thomson

26th & 27th – FLOODEX/IRRIGEX – Peterborough Showground


March 2019


6th – Meeting with J Curtin, Executive Director FCRM, EA – I Thomson

7th – WRE Leadership Group meeting – R Caudwell & I Thomson attending

12th – ADA Ouse Branch meeting, Prickwillow

14th – National Water Resources Leadership Group meeting, London

19th – Good Governance Guide Workshop, Kings Lynn

20th – Good Governance Guide Workshop, Doncaster

21st – Yorkshire Derwent Partnership meeting, York – I Thomson attending

26th – Good Governance Guide Workshop, Epney, Gloucs.

27th – EA/ADA Site visit – venue to be confirmed.

28th – Good Governance Guide Workshop, Peterborough