European Union of Water Management Associations (EUWMA)

euwmaADA is a founding member of the European Union of Water Management Associations (EUWMA), established in 1996. At present, organisations from Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom are members of EUWMA. Each year, EUWMA members meet to discuss legislation, regional and local water management issues within Europe.

EUWMA members are (umbrella) bodies within Europe representing organisations based on public law and responsible for regional and local water management. This includes flood risk management, land drainage, water level management and irrigation. EUWMA represents over 8,600 individual organisations, covering over 50 million hectares.

The low lying areas of Europe have much in common, being under threat from tidal and inland flooding, dependent upon land drainage to sustain land use, be it agricultural or developed areas, and in which essential works must be carried out. Equally these very often have a high environmental interest, which in many cases has been created by drainage works, but could be detrimentally affected by the management of flood protection and land drainage systems.

To this extent the organisations in such countries are tackling the same problems and considering the same issues. In view of this, liaison between such organisations can be of benefit to them, the countries within which they operate, and the wider European interest.

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