Climate and carbon

ADA is gradually developing a workstream to define and promote carbon reduction and climate change adaptation measures to support ADA members.


Carbon Accounting Guide for Internal Drainage Boards

Proposed measures include:

Carbon reduction strategy and vision

Guide to carbon reduction for lowland pumped catchments

Adaptation report for internal drainage boards


Image: Haringvliet hybrid power plant, Netherlands (Vattenfall)

Carbon Accounting Guide for Internal Drainage Boards

This publication is the first in a series of climate change guidance developed by ADA and enables IDBs to take their first steps into carbon accounting and reporting quickly and confidently.

The Guide provides some background to climate change policy and legislation and presents the key points of carbon accounting, based on general best practice standards and approaches, with an IDB-relevant focus.

It also provides guidance notes for the completion of a recommended carbon calculator, accompanied by worked examples and a carbon emissions reporting template.

The results will help IDBs to identify key emissions sources and prioritise their actions to reduce carbon emissions.

Guide to the Carbon Calculator Working Example 01 Working Example 02 Carbon emissions reporting template