About us

Established in 1937, ADA watches over, supports and promotes our members’ interests at a national and parliamentary level, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and discussions. ADA’s members include national agencies like the Environment Agency in England, internal drainage boards, local authorities, and regional flood & coastal committees. ADA’s Associate Members include contractors, consultants and suppliers to the industry.

ADA’s water level and flood risk management community is built upon the interaction and connections made between our members. We champion and campaign for the sustainable delivery of water level and flood risk management, offering guidance, advice and support to the sector, whilst also informing society about our members’ essential work.

At ADA, our ethos is to promote good practice within the water level management community. We try and offer as many different forms of communications as we can to update and inform our members, as well as the wider public and key stakeholders. ADA also helps our members to promote their work, products and innovation, as well as highlighting projects, services, job positions and events. And most of all, we enjoy bringing professionals together, using their knowledge to help find solutions to our nation’s water and flood risk management issues.

ADA is proud to be a member of EUWMA, which represents public, local and regional water management organisations from across Europe.

Follow the links in this section to find out more about how ADA is governed by, and for, its members. You can also find out how to become a member of ADA.