ADA has two committees who meet throughout the year to discuss issues and topics affecting our members.

Our Committees complete projects, known as Workstreams, that they, our Board of Directors, and our Branches identify as important to the work of ADA’s members.

You can find out more about the constitution of our committees in the ADA Committees Guide. The membership and minutes from our Committees’ meetings are available below. To request any Committee papers please contact us.

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Technical & Environmental Committee

ADA’s Technical & Environmental Committee discusses engineering, health and safety, environmental and operational matters.


Committee Chairman

Charles Mills


Phil Camamile (Water Management Alliance)

Chris Manning (Water Management Consortium)

Andy Morritt (The Coal Authority)

James Yarham (Environment Agency)

Mat Jackson (West Sussex County Council)

Gary Leatherbarrow (Bedford Pumps)

Oliver Pantry (Upper Medway IDB)

Ed Johnson (Witham Fourth District IDB)

Diana Ward (Independent consultant to Bedford and Ely Groups of IDBs)

Martin Shilling (Witham 3rd IDB)

Dan Martin (Yorkshire & Humber Drainage Boards)

Iain Sturdy (Somerset Drainage Boards Consortium)

Catherine Weightman (Natural England)

Ex Officio

Robert Caudwell (ADA Chair), Peter Bateson (Company Secretary), Innes Thomson (Chief Executive), Ian Moodie (Technical Manager), Mark Phillips (Natural England Representative)

Meetings & Minutes

Policy & Finance Committee

ADA’s Policy & Finance Committee discusses governance, legal, financial, audit and policy matters.


Committee Chairman

Tim Farr


Catherine Harris (Wilkin Chapman LLP)

Andrew McLachlan (Yorkshire & Humber Drainage Boards)

Nigel Everard (Selby Area IDB and Kyle & Upper Ouse IDB)

Matthew Harrison (Lincolnshire County Council)

James Addicott (Environment Agency)

Andrew McGill (Water Management Consortium)

Lorna McShane (Middle Level Commissioners and IDBs)

Richard Powell (RFCC – Anglian (Eastern))

Pete Dowling (River Stour (Kent) IDB)

Carol Tidmarsh (Defra)

Steve Larter (Witham 3rd IDB)

Manjit Pope (Lower Severn IDB)

James Yarham (Environment Agency)

Ex Officio

Robert Caudwell (ADA Chair), Peter Bateson (Company Secretary), Innes Thomson (Chief Executive), Ian Moodie (Technical Manager)

Meeting & Minutes