ADA Forward Look: April/May 2016

The following is a list of key meetings and events ADA staff and representatives will be attending in April and May 2016 (as at 11 April 2016)

12th April, meeting with RSPB
14th April, Black Sluice Catchment meeting
19th April, meeting with ADEPT
19th April, meeting with Rory Stewart MP
20th-21st April, attending CIWEM Conference
27th April, attending ADA South Western Branch Meeting
27th April, ADA giving oral evidence to EFRA Committee
28th April, attending ADA South Eastern Branch Meeting
28th April, attending meeting with River Lugg IDB
28th April, attending ICE Round Table Discussion on Flood Resilience
4th May, meeting Inland waterways Association Chief Executive
10th May, meetings to discuss Lyth Valley and Waver/Wampool catchments in Cumbria with partners.
11th May, ADA Technical & Environment Committee Meeting
12th May, ADA Policy & Finance Committee Meeting
18th-19th May, FLOODEX 2016, Peterborough Arena
19th May, hosting EUWMA Workstream Meeting, Peterborough
23rd May, attending Water Resources East Anglia Meeting
26th May, meeting with the District Councils’ Network