ADA welcomes Anglian Water as a new member

ADA welcomes Anglian Water as a new member

ADA are delighted to announce that Anglian Water has become ADA’s first water company member which very much reflects Anglian Water’s strong desire to work in partnership with IDBs, the EA and Local Authorities, and vice versa. One of Anglian Water’s key goals is to address future plans for securing water resources across their operating area and they have been instrumental in setting up the Water Resources East group (WRE), which is independently chaired by Henry Cator.

ADA has been actively supporting WRE and, along with Anglian Water, is committed to the concept of partnership working to manage our water resources, drainage and flood risks. In welcoming Anglian Water, ADA’s Chairman, Henry Cator, said “ADA is delighted that Anglian Water has become its first water company member in support of ADA’s broader corporate aims and the opportunity for closer partnership working between Anglian Water and IDBs including Black Sluice IDB has come to the fore with the WRE initiative. ADA looks forward to working with Peter Simpson and his team to promote the good partnership work taking place on sustainable drainage, water resource and flood risk management”

Acknowledging their new affiliation with ADA, Peter Simpson, Anglian Water’s Chief Executive added “The drainage system is a complex network of assets, all owned and operated by a number of stakeholders. It is therefore vital that we work in partnership with others across the East of England to help protect customers’ homes and businesses, as well as our own sites, from flooding and other extreme weather events.”

“We are the largest water and water recycling company in England and Wales by geographic area and are home to the majority of the country’s Internal Drainage Boards – not surprising, given the low-lying nature of the patch we cover. Becoming a member of ADA will allow us to increase the sharing of knowledge, skills and innovative solutions that will help to create a more resilient future.”

“We already work closely with ADA on key initiatives, like Water Resources East and the Black Sluice Project in South Lincolnshire. Joining the organisation really makes sense as it helps to cement our existing working relationship, whilst giving us another cross-sector platform to share our vision for a sustainable future.”