Exo Environmental – GeoBlock resolves pressing issues in the water industry

Exo Environmental – GeoBlock resolves pressing issues in the water industry

The increasing pressures on managers of watercourses calls for new solutions to old problems. Traditional methods of erosion control and waterway maintenance are costly and carry a significant environmental impact. GeoBlock provides an affordable and eco-friendly alternative.

Exo Environmental Ltd delivers the GeoBlock innovation, based on years of experience in the beneficial use of dredged materials.

“The cost and impact associated with the transportation and disposal of dredged material is significant, adding the cost and impact associated with transportation and mining of natural rock for erosion control just makes no sense. We can solve this problem by transforming the arising waste sediment into the erosion control units that you are looking to source.”
William Coulet, Director of Exo Environmental

Dredging projects are often prohibited by the cost of transport and disposal off-site. Reuse of dredged material in a beneficial way can be challenging, due to the poor quality material and legislation. Without a cost-effective solution, many waterways have seen a decrease in maintenance, leading to poor conveyance, challenges to navigation and reduced water quality.

GeoBlock is comprised of up to 90% dredged sediment, combined with a bespoke mixture of binders developed by Exo Environmental. It can be made on site and used in the same way as traditional rock armour or concrete erosion control blocks. It can be combined with existing infrastructure and tested to rigorous engineering standards.

GeoBlock is affordable because it:

  • Removes the cost associated with
    • transport and handling materials,
    • dredged material disposal
    • purchase of erosion control units,
  • Can be used in the same manner as traditional erosion control units,

Additionally, GeoBlock is proven to be easily colonised by algae and quickly integrates into the ecosystem, unlike Rock armour, which remains uncolonised after many years. GeoBlock’s texture and chemical composition also enables it to be transformed into an artificial reef and provide important habitat for fish, crustaceans and shellfish.

If you are interested in this innovative approach to sediment management and erosion control, get in touch with Exo Environmental on 0330 80 80 377, email enquiries@exo-env.co.uk or visit www.exo-env.co.uk