Video highlights speed of channel blockage

Video highlights speed of channel blockage

Grilles are frequently employed to prevent the accumulation of debris in drainage channels such as culverts that are difficult to access. However, during periods of high flow, these grilles can become blocked very quickly, reducing channel flow and causing flooding. It is therefore essential that such grilles are unblocked before they become a serious hazard, and for this reason many drainage managers are employing the latest remote camera technology from Meteor Communications to monitor these vital assets.

In order to demonstrate the advantages of remote observation, Meteor has published a time-lapse video showing a grille in Wales over a 24 hour period in which heavy flow causes the grille to become blocked with debris. With the benefit of the camera, staff were alerted to the problem and were able to quickly visit the site and unblock the grille. To view the video visit the Meteor Communications YouTube channel.

“As well as providing visibility of blockages, these cameras also allow drainage managers to assess which equipment and staff will be required before they leave base,” explains Meteor’s MD Matt Dibbs. “The cameras therefore lower asset risk and help to lower costs by avoiding needless site visits.”

The video also highlights the cameras’ low light performance, producing high quality colour images by day and with IR illuminators for crisp black and white night vision. Captured images are transferred in real-time, providing real-time visibility of assets, even in areas with poor mobile coverage.

Summarising, Matt says: “We now have hundreds of these cameras in operation all over the UK, and demand is higher than ever. This popularity is partly because the cameras can be solar powered and do not require connection to any existing services, so they can be deployed within minutes.”

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