The ‘Go Anywhere’ Spider Machine

The ‘Go Anywhere’ Spider Machine

The ‘Go Anywhere’ Spider machines supplement WM Plant Hire’s specialist fleet of long reach excavators (with reach from 8 up to 32 metres, size 4 to 115 tonnes) with the capability to reach places far beyond conventional machines. ‘Spider’ excavators can operate on sites with significant access constraints, across difficult terrain and in extreme locations. Used successfully in watercourses for weed and vegetation removal, scour protection, trash screen clearance, sluices, and culverts around pump station intakes, they will go where traditional machines cannot. Their unique all-wheel drive with multiple leg configurations allows wading in water depths up to 2 metres.

Trash screen clearance at Perry Barr

The four individual legs can be set independently to low, high, narrow, and wide positions to suit the application with maximum stability. These extendable ‘Spider’ legs can climb over obstacles (such as fencing) and enable work in deep water as well as steep slopes. The set up can include a hydraulic winch for safety and added performance with a ‘tilt-rotator’ at the end of arm giving unrivalled manoeuvrability.

WM Plant Hire carried out live demonstrations at the ADA event in July of the Euromach 1055 Spider which is the latest model and the largest of its type in the UK. Engine technology ensures low emissions with maximum fuel efficiency – power is increased by around 100% over the equivalent size standard excavator. This gives the power to carry out lifting operations and handle a wide range of hydraulic attachments including grabs, breakers, tree shears and mulchers.

Black Sluice IDB recently used the ‘Spider’ machine on their North and South Forty Foot Drains for vegetation management in hard-to-reach locations working in the channel.

Applications of the Spider on the Forty Foot Drain, including before and after flail operations.

In Sincil Dyke, Lincolnshire, on scour protection and bank repairs the Spider was the best solution to access the narrow channel with accessibility issues, climbing over fencing, navigating under a footbridge to the site location.

Difficult access at Sincil Dyke overcome with the Spider

The Spider machine demonstrates impressive versatility in applications across all sectors: rail, highways, inland water and coastal.

Stats The ‘Go Anywhere’ Machine Reducing carbon footprint
Weight:  Up to 16t
  • All terrain
  • HVO low emission fuel
Max Lift: Up to 4t
  • Low Impact flotation tyres (water up to 1.8m)
  • Biodegradable Oils
Max bucket: 0.6 m3
  • 360 rotate/tilt on attachments
  • Latest Stage V engine efficiency
Tyre Width: 710 mm
  • Extendable ‘Spider’ legs
  • NO need for haul roads
  • Effective in all environments
  • Reducing environmental impact
Up to 100% more power than equivalent size tracked excavator, lifting up to 4 tonnes

Hydraulic Power/ Lifting capacity – The larger Spider excavators provide greater hydraulic power increasing their versatility in operations across sectors. Impressive lifting capacity has provided support on seawall repairs moving concrete skips, overcoming the problems with mobilisation around tides; as well as placing scour protection under highway and rail bridges with particularly awkward access.

Improved efficiency – The Spiders’ ability to handle multiple attachments to complete projects in awkward locations brings efficiency in delivery. With only one machine required to carry out the full range of operations from the lifting of heavy scour mattresses to placement of rock, weed cutting, tree removal or breaking out rock, programmes can be reduced.

Contact for more information or call to discuss applications for your own schemes on 01746 769 555.