The Future of Culverts…Now

The Future of Culverts…Now

Construction of culverts in remote locations can often present a range of challenges, some of which can be predicted and planned for, while others only become apparent once the site team arrive on site. Typical advice is to plan for the worst-case scenario but hope for the best, which is easier said than done.

However, when it comes to selecting appropriate pipes for new or replacement culverts in any location, Aquaspira pipes are proving to be the ideal solution. The Composite Steel Reinforced (CSR) pipes are light weight and can be supplied in short lengths, enabling even the largest 2.25m diameter pipes to be delivered to any location on a small pick-up, and offloaded, handled and installed using small machines.

Another important consideration is long-term performance, especially resistance to corrosion and abrasion from debris and suspended particles, often travelling at high velocity. CSR pipes have a smooth HDPE internal bore with very high abrasion resistance, and the fully encapsulated steel reinforcement provides unparalleled long-term structural stability. In accordance with WRc Water Industry accreditation, design life of Aquaspira CSR pipes is in excess of 120 years.

For longer culverts, where a series of pipes need to be connected together, Aquaspira pipes are supplied with socket & spigot, push-fit joints, with factory fitted seals, enabling simple and quick jointing, with no last-minute searching for elusive couplings or seals!

Finally, we must of course make mention of the ‘C’ word, which is the subject of ever-increasing expectations and targets. Genuine, tangible Carbon reduction can be difficult to attain and demonstrate, but compared with conventional culvert construction, incorporating Aquaspira pipes as part of the solution can make a significant contribution – in the case of one ADA member, a reported reduction of 79% in CO₂e emissions.

Two of our clients have recently released case studies following very successful culvert installations using Aquaspira pipes, which, as fellow members of the ADA, you might like to see on our website.

Highlights Include:
Helsington Moss Bridge: MMB and Cumbria County Council use Aquaspira pipes in an innovative bridge renovation, resulting in a 79% reduction in CO₂e emissions. View here.

Culvert Replacement, Peterhead: A technically challenging replacement of a steel culvert by Nicol of Skene using Aquaspira’s lightweight CSR pipe and fabrications to avoid carbon-intensive and heavy concrete pipes. View here.

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