Lee-Dickens Ltd – Cloud Hosted Remote Monitoring Systems

Lee-Dickens Ltd – Cloud Hosted Remote Monitoring Systems

Lee-Dickens has been supplying its Sitewatch Telemetry Systems to all industry sectors, including Internal Drainage Boards and Water Authorities for four decades, providing cloud-based solutions for over 10 years. The business has always prided itself on its ability to design, develop and manufacture Telemetry hardware and software in house, providing a high level of intimate technical support for its range of products.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Most industries are now trusting cloud-based solutions for their key services, favouring the subscription-based model.

For a small annual subscription to Sitewatch® Anywhere, a business can hand over all responsibility for the day to day running of its Remote Control and Monitoring to the Telemetry experts.

Three levels of subscription ensure a cost effective solution for an internal drainage board of any size.

  1. No capital outlay for Telemetry servers or their infrastructure
  2. Future Proof. No more concern with hardware/software obsolescence
  3. No Software Licences
  4. No need for an in house IT team to provide system maintenance

Lee-Dickens still provide in house Telemetry Servers to those clients that need or prefer to manage their own IT infrastructure.

Data transmission & security

The Lee-Dickens Remote Terminal Unit gathers data at field level and uses TCP/IP connectivity (hardwired or cellular) to transmit data to the cloud.
With the advent of ADSL routers such as BTs 4G Assure offering 4G failover, data transmission has never been more reliable.

To best ensure cellular reliability, the Lee-Dickens RTU supports roaming data and will automatically connect to the service provider presenting the strongest signal.

The RTU does not use the internet (WWW) for data transmittal. For increased security from site to site, data is routed using a private Access Point Node (APN) via a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The Sitewatch Anywhere SSL certification provides our customers with peace of mind that they are accessing their application across the internet using a secure (https://) connection.

Resilient and Reliable

Our customers expect their service to be instantly available. Our cloud-based service boasts a 99.97% uptime which means your data will always be up to date and ready to be viewed. We also maintain an in-house Contingency System which includes a live synchronised copy of everything, providing double resilience. If one Sitewatch server goes offline, automatic and seamless failover ensures continuity of service.

Our UK based support team monitor the services, making sure that everything is maintained and backed up. All support enquiries go directly to our experts who provide excellent and efficient support.

Monitor and control on a device that best suits you.

Many IT departments consider the use of “remote desktop” to view applications running on servers as a dangerous policy that can compromise a business’s security. Sitewatch Anywhere employs Thin Client technology and so no proprietary software install is needed. Use any smart phone, tablet or laptop with internet access and relevant security credentials as an independent remote monitoring workstation.

Ideal for applications of any size.

Sitewatch Anywhere has unlimited scalability that can be deployed for the monitoring of individual water levels as well as pump stations and water treatment works. Sitewatch Anywhere is a capable, reliable, instantly intuitive SCADA application, providing a suite of tools for alarm and event management, trends, reports and operator notes.

Automated SMS, Email and Voice messages can be sent to your alarm roster, 24/7/365.

The Sitewatch Anywhere model enables drainage boards to increase the size of their Telemetry application as their monitoring requirement grows. The application is easily expandable with new assets commissioned and online in a matter of hours.

We can create any style of graphic to mimic your pump station operation, with either a new design or the replication of a previous application that you are already familiar with.

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