ADA and CLA to host Keeping Our Rivers Flowing Summit

ADA and CLA to host Keeping Our Rivers Flowing Summit

Keeping Our Rivers Flowing – a joint summit hosted by ADA and the CLA to highlight the need for improved river management across whole catchments, seeking a clear national direction towards a better balance of environmental enhancement, social consideration and thriving local economies.

Following an increasing frequency of flooding from our rivers in past years and the devastating effects they have on the environment, people and local economies, ADA and the CLA have collaborated to bring real attention to the need for better everyday management and maintenance of our rivers throughout England. Hosting the online ‘Keeping Our Rivers Flowing’ Summit on 24 June, ADA and the CLA aim to increase awareness of not only the serious issues which many rivers face, particularly in slow-flowing, lowland areas, but also the practical steps which are already being taken in certain areas to improve restricted rivers flows and capacities.

About the event, Robert Caudwell, ADA’s chair said “This is not about the wholesale dredging of our rivers but entirely focused on evidence-based targeting of needs using a range of tools, including desilting, natural flood management in upper reaches of rivers, water storage, vegetation and weed management, and proper investment in regular maintenance of the near £50bn national portfolio of embankments, pumps and sluices which help reduce flood risk to over 5 million people”

Commenting on the role that landowners and farmers play in protecting rural communities and the wider water environment, the CLA’s Head of Policy, Judicaelle Hammond, added “The very nature of rivers and water flows means that everyone – upstream and downstream – must play their part to reduce the impact of flooding to those most at risk. Landowners and farmers are using nature-based solutions to protect communities downstream, but support and investment is needed from the government to maintain our main rivers.”

The morning event will be taking place online with keynote speakers from both Defra and the Environment Agency and senior representatives from Lead Local Flood Authorities and NFU also participating. Attendance at the event is open to all on a first-come-first-served basis and details and how to register can be found at:


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